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Welcome to our website about Dental Implants in Pittsburgh

This website is designed to educate patients about the benefits of dental implants. As advances in dentistry progress they have become a predictable treatment for the replacement of lost teeth. Implants can be placed with minimal discomfort and teeth in areas affecting the smile can be replaced temporarily while the implants integrate with the bone.

Replacement of a single tooth can eliminate the need for dental bridges, which can require removing healthy tooth structure for crowns and add extra stress to the teeth holding in the bridge. Multiple teeth can be replaced eliminating the need for bulky food trapping partial dentures. Full dentures can be held tight to increase chewing efficiency and self confidence.

Successful implants are carefully planned with x-rays, teeth models and a thorough examination. Personal goals, concerns and various means of making the placement appointment as comfortable as possible are discussed at the beginning of treatment. Call us today for a complimentary consultation!

Home       Dental Implants FAQs       Dentistry Links       Implant Case Photos